Dr. 杰西卡·林恩·泰勒

After six months as interim President, on October 22, 2023, Multnomah’s Board of Trustees voted Dr. 杰西卡·林恩·泰勒 President of Multnomah

Dr. Taylor brings a wealth of experience to the role, having served as Multnomah’s Vice President of 多样性 & Inclusive Development since 2018. Under her leadership the Office of Cultural Integration was established at Multnomah in 2018. The Voices Scholarship program, Multicultural Center and various initiatives have grown Multnomah’s vision to be a diverse 社区 that equips students to love Christ and serve their neighbors through their lives and work.


“I am praying already for the testimony God is writing in this next chapter of Multnomah’s story. When God’s people come together, united under His purposes, the light will shine! ”

Dr. 杰西卡·泰勒

Dr. Taylor’s professional background is in executive leadership coaching and psychology counseling. 她得了B.S. in Human Development, her M.A. in Human Services, and her Ph.D. 基督教辅导. Jessica has owned her own executive leadership coaching practice for over a decade, and she loves helping people and organizations get “unstuck” in holistic and empathetic ways.

Dr. 杰西卡·泰勒《罗杰斯》

Jessica was raised in the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) and is an ordained minister in the Church of God holiness tradition. Due to her commitment and love for the local church, Jessica currently serves on the governing Board of Church of God Ministries.

It is the mission of 坚实可靠的大学 to equip Christian students through higher education to become biblically competent, 在学术上熟练, 精神上形成, and culturally engaged servant leaders, shaped to be a transforming force in the church, 社区, 和世界. Jessica is dedicated to preserving the rich history of service to the kingdom Multnomah is known for while looking forward to sharing the love of Christ with this emerging generation of students.

Dr. 杰西卡·泰勒 with Students