We Believe

These two words bind us together

At Multnomah University, We Believe in you, made in God’s image, ready to do extraordinary things.

We Believe

Multnomah University is for the curious wayfarers who chart their own course with the support of a warm Christian community. It is for those who pursue a story of adventure, academic exploration, spiritual reflection, and perseverance. At Multnomah, we believe a culture of faith and close community paves the way for lifelong transformation.

“The biggest impacts Multnomah had on me were from the staff and the students. Being a history major, you’re able to understand what built Christianity into what it is today, so I think that’s where Multnomah has pushed me most in my faith; being able to really dig down deep into the hard parts of our religion and see where we’re struggling to love each other. It was a challenging yet comforting environment to be in. It helped me think about what we need to do to advocate so that voices are heard and that everybody gets equal treatment.”

Brooklyn Mcfadden '21, History Major, Current Law School Student

By faith, We Believe. These words have the power to unite nations and congregations… the power to renew your mind.

Group of People in Spiritual Life house

We Believe college should be fun, campus should be cozy and coffee should be caffeinated. We Believe professors should know your name and walk with you. It’s about “we” not “me.”

Three Women Talking and Standing with Coffee

We Believe in God, maker of heaven and earth, who teaches that how we live matters, and what we say makes a difference.

Students Worship in Chapel

“At Multnomah, my faith truly became my own. Witnessing my peers’ personal relationships with Jesus, as well as the faculty teaching and modeling both head and heart-knowledge, was heart-challenging. It propelled me in the ongoing journey of learning about God, myself and others in a more personal and grounded way. I am so thankful that this step in my education was more than just gaining a 4-year degree. I received an education of the heart, and my perspective on life was blown wide open. I graduated with the foundational building blocks for living a faith-based life – which helped shape many important decisions along my path and provides the framework for decisions in my family, workplace and daily life.”

Stephanie Chadwick '96, Bible Major, CEO of Edge Multimedia

We Believe this is the moment to step up.

Multnomah University.
We Believe.