Empowering Youth Ministry Education: How Rob Hildebrand Impacts Lives

Students and Professor Talking at Table

At Multnomah University, the faculty members are more than just educators; they’re mentors who shape the futures of their students. Dr. Rob Hildebrand is passionate about equipping students to make a difference in youth ministry, and does so by taking a unique approach to education and offering unforgettable opportunities to explore the world and serve others.

His motivation to teach youth ministry at Multnomah comes from the encounters he’s had with remarkable young individuals who hold the potential to transform the world. His deep belief in the impact of these students, especially when guided by Jesus’ teachings, fuels his dedication to teaching youth ministry.

As his students grapple with their place in the world and God’s call on their lives, Dr. Hildebrand tries to broaden their horizons by taking them through an annual study abroad opportunity. Each year, around 20 Multnomah students travel to France, where they live in he and his wife’s Chateau and explore eight countries, all the while engaging in comprehensive Bible readings. Students who participate can earn 12 credits for a fraction of the cost, and are immersed in the opportunity for personal growth through cultural exposure and academic enrichment. Curious to see the Chateau? He and his wife are documenting their journey to restore it to glory on YouTube!

In addition to traveling through Europe with students while reading the Bible together, Hildebrand considers the opportunity to serve alongside his students to be the highlight of his time with the university. Multnomah is intentional about putting faith into action and nurturing the servant hearts of the student body. Whether it’s through outreach events, volunteering with local nonprofits, or welcoming more than a thousand high school students to campus led by Dr. Hildebrand and his 200+ student volunteers, Multhomah’s students are engaged with the local community.

Dr. Hildebrand’s dedication to nurturing students’ potential is unwavering. Through his insightful teachings, empowering study abroad programs, and emphasis on meaningful learning, he continues to shape the future of youth ministers who will go on to impact generations to come. In the words of Hildebrand, “Learning matters, people matter.” And his contributions to Multnomah stand as a testament to this enduring truth.

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